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A well-known artist who has exhibits in Chicago was ordered held on $100,000 bond after he was extradited from Georgia to face felony charges after being accused of sexually abusing a foster daughter for years while she was in his care, prosecutors said at a bail hearing Thursday afternoon.

David A. Geary appeared in front of Cook County Judge Susana Ortiz charged with two counts of sexual abuse after his mother posted $5,000 on a $50,000 arrest warrant earlier.

Geary was accused of sexually assaulting a foster daughter from the ages of 15 to 17, while she was under his care in Evanston, prosecutors said.

In 2006, when the foster daughter was 15 years old, Geary allegedly asked her to watch a movie in his downstairs room. Prosecutors said the daughter came to the room and sat on a bed and he abused her. Following the first incident, Geary sexually abused the foster daughter most nights, prosecutors said.

The victim told a significant other in 2016, and prosecutors said Geary admitted to a former girlfriend that he had a sexual relationship with a foster daughter.

At some point, Geary moved to Atlanta with a girlfriend, and when he was arrested, his mother put her home up in Geneva to post a $50,000 bail attached to an arrest warrant.

On Thursday, Geary’s lawyer argued his family was cash-strapped and said they couldn’t afford much more for his release.

Judge Ortiz said because of the relationship outlined between Geary and the victim, she was raising the bond amount to $100,000 and ordered pretrial supervision. She also ordered no contact with the victim or with anyone under the age of 18.

Geary has three adult children and was currently working on a mural for Brave Space Alliance. Representatives from the South Side nonprofit could not be reached for comment.

His next court date was set March 28.

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