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Voters across Chicago will be making their picks for mayor, alderman, city treasurer, clerk and, for the first time, representatives on police district councils Tuesday. Some voters also will be asked local referendum questions.

More than 900 polling places will be used in the Feb. 28 municipal election. Here’s what to know before you head out to vote.

Chicago voters must:

  • be a U.S. citizen
  • born on or before Feb. 28, 2005
  • live in the same precinct at least 30 days before the election
  • not claim the right to vote elsewhere
  • not be in prison or serving time for a conviction

If you already are registered to vote and your address is correct, you do not need to bring your ID — though it’s not a bad idea to bring it in case your signature doesn’t match the one on file. Be sure to bring two forms of identification if you also plan to register on the same day you plan to vote or if you need to change your address or name. At least one of those IDs must list your current address.

The Chicago City Council adopted a new map of the city’s 50 wards in May 2022.

The map that passed has 16 Black-majority wards and 14 Latino-majority wards, one fewer Latino ward than the Latino Caucus wanted, given the ethnic group’s population gains among citywide. It also includes Chicago’s first Asian American majority ward.

Type your address into the search box below.

Bring that ballot with you when you go to vote in person to have the ballot that was mailed to you canceled.

Chicago voters can mail their ballot or deposit it at any of the Chicago Board of Elections’ secured drop boxes. One important note: Each ballot must include the signed and sealed ballot return envelope with the voter’s name on it.

Mail-in ballots can be returned to the drop boxes at:

Chicagoans can also vote at any of 51 additional sites in the city. These are the same sites used for early voting.

Each voter is assigned to a polling place within their precinct. Use the map and list below to find yours.

If you are concerned about the accessibility of your assigned polling place, you can vote at one of the city’s early voting sites, which are all fully ADA accessible and open on Election Day to all voters, no matter where they live. Voters call the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners at (312) 269-7976 or email with questions any questions.

Polling place accessibility status

  • Low or no accessibility: One or more features of the voting area is likely to exclude voters with mobility impairments.
  • Medium: An obstacle could prevent some voters from accessing the voting area.
  • High: Voting area is fully compliant with ADA standards.
  • Unknown: Sufficient information is not available to gauge voting area’s accessibility.

Sources: Chicago Board of Election Commissioners; Tribune reporting

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