Highland, Indiana police shoot man during shoplifting response at Kohl’s – Chicago Tribune newstrendslive

A Highland police officer shot a man Friday afternoon as officers responded to reports of shoplifting.

Police responded to a Kohl’s at 10353 Indianapolis Blvd. around 2 p.m. after a man had been allegedly observed shoplifting from the store for a third time, Commander John Banasiak wrote in a statement on the department’s Facebook page.

Police found the man near a silver Ford Escape in the parking lot and an officer then got into an altercation with the car’s driver, Banasiak wrote. Another officer fired shots into the Escape, shooting the driver in the arm, he wrote.

The wounded man, and a woman riding in the Escape were taken into police custody and taken to a hospital, the police commander wrote.

One Highland officer was also hospitalized for injuries to his torso, head, hand and knees that do not appear life threatening, Banasiak said.

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