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Some Chicago voting sites may have delayed openings Monday, after a state appellate court ordered that aldermanic candidate Shawn A. Walker’s name be restored to the 28th Ward ballot.

To comply with the order, the city must reprogram all early voting touchscreen machines to include Walker’s name. That work began after the polls closed Sunday afternoon and will continue into Monday morning, according to the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners.

“All Ward Early Voting sites will open as soon as possible,” the board said, warning of possible delays.

Voters can check the status of early voting sites at or by calling Early Voting Election Central at (312) 263-1394.

All previous votes cast by 28th Ward voters — both by mail and early voting — will be processed, counted and isolated until further notice. Voters in Chicago’s 28th Ward who have already voted cannot and will not be required to vote again.

All new mail-in ballots requested by 28th Ward voters will be sent with Walker’s name listed in the aldermanic race. No new ballots will be sent until Walker’s name is restored, the board said.

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